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We brought the first one to life

BLX is not a simple stablecoin, but an autogenous decentralized scriptural money reserve created with the aim of guaranteeing financial reserves and facilitating transactions around the world. Each BLX in circulation is the fractional digital representation of a tokenized real asset. The value of each BLX is pegged to the value of the euro: 1 BLX = 1 EURO

Stable value €1.00

BLX is designed to be a stable, inflation-resistant store of value.
It can be used as a medium of exchange, for international payments or as a store of value to hedge against inflation.


Blotix is a public network, a hybrid blockchain with a unique and innovative protocol built, governed, managed and owned by a community of programmers, node operators and holders of the single digital currency BLX

Peer-to-peer network

Blotix is a peer-to-peer network, it allows you to coordinate, make deals or transfer digital assets directly with other people. Decentralization makes it virtually impossible for anyone to stop you from receiving payments or using services on Blotix.

Financial freedom

Everyone has control of their own resources and identity without depending on the opinion or decision of a central company. No government or corporation has control over Blotix.


Learn more about Blotix and BLX, chat with the team and other community members. Learn, share your knowledge and get answers to key questions

Convert your assets to BLX and discover your true wealth!

Do you own an asset?

If you own real estate, artwork, collectibles, or other physical assets you can mint your own BLX.

Unlock the hidden value of your assets: get immediate liquidity without resorting to loans or mortgages thanks to tokenization.

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Safety first of all

  • Verified contract source code

  • No delegation

  • The owner cannot change the balance

  • No hidden owners

  • This token cannot self-destruct

  • No risk of external calls

  • This token is not a gas abuser

BLX token security detection

Blotix is not just a blockchain platform, but a hybrid ecosystem built on security and transparency. Blotix is subjected to rigorous monitoring by several financial institutions, ensuring maximum protection for your assets. Registering the contract on other blockchain platforms offers an additional layer of security, protecting Blotix from external manipulation and ensuring the integrity of your operations.


The future of commerce is here!

We are preparing the launch of the Blotix marketplace, where you can buy and sell goods, products and services directly on the blockchain, using our digital currency BLX.

Stay tuned for the launch of the Blotix Marketplace!

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