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Who we are

Welcome to the BLX revolution!

Blotix is a public network, a hybrid blockchain with a unique and innovative protocol built, governed, managed and owned by a community of programmers, node operators and holders of the single digital currency BLX .

The acronym BLX represents the native currency traded in Blotix. It is used to secure the network with staking, make transactions, invest in certified digital assets and pay commissions within the community.
The BLX stablecoin is a cryptocurrency pegged to the value of the
single currency EUR - (Euro) ,
launched in May 2023 by Blotix LLC, a US-based company.
BLX is backed by a repository of physical reserves, meaning that for every BLX in circulation there is a corresponding unit in FIAT common currency or liquid tangible assets.
BLX is designed to be a stable, inflation-resistant store of value.
It can be used as a medium of exchange, for international payments or as a store of value to hedge against inflation.

What can Blotix do?

Unlike common banking institutions, Blotix gives access to services developed by the platform to everyone without distinction and through a common internet connection. Everyone has control of their own resources and identity without depending on the opinion or decision of a central company. No government or corporation has control over Blotix.
Decentralization makes it virtually impossible for anyone to stop you from receiving payments or using services on Blotix. Blotix is a peer-to-peer network, it allows you to coordinate, make deals or transfer digital assets directly with other people.
Blotix is a blockchain-based digital escrow platform that facilitates secure and transparent transactions between parties. The platform uses smart contracts to automate the escrow process, eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries.


  • Basic concepts governing Blotix security
    Blotix: a revolutionary paradigm for digital identity and financial transactions Blotix stands out as a pioneer in the adoption of Blockchain technology for the creation of a decentralized digital identity model. At the heart of the system lies a unique digital certificate, issued directly to the user and containing their personal information. This innovative solution abolishes the need for intermediaries, giving the user full control over their digital identity. The revolutionary advantages of Blotix: Transparency: Each transaction is recorded immutably on the Blockchain, making the system completely transparent and verifiable. Immutability: Once recorded, transactions cannot be modified or deleted, ensuring maximum data security and integrity. Security: Blotix's decentralized architecture eliminates central weaknesses, making the system highly resistant to fraud and cyberattacks. Consensus: Transactions are validated by a distributed network of nodes, ensuring the fairness and security of the system. Decentralization: The user has complete control over their digital identity, eliminating dependence on central entities. Revolutionary impact in the financial sector: The innovative Blotix protocol opens new frontiers in the financial landscape, offering a series of potential benefits: Faster and more secure payments: Blockchain-based transactions enable instant, low-cost payments with an unrivaled level of security. Financial Inclusion: Blotix can facilitate access to financial services for the unbanked, promoting financial inclusion globally. Fight against money laundering: The transparency and immutability of Blockchain transactions can effectively contribute to the fight against money laundering and other illegal activities. Efficiency in financial markets: Blotix can streamline trading and settlement processes, reducing costs and increasing efficiency in financial markets. Blotix positions itself as a key player in the digital transformation of identity and financial transactions, offering a revolutionary paradigm that ensures security, transparency and decentralization.
  • Why are BLX transactions safe?
    Security and transparency at the highest levels on Blotix At Blotix, the safety of your funds is our top priority. For this reason, we have adopted the highest standards of security, traceability and transparency, guaranteeing you an impeccable and reliable user experience. Complete protection for your BLX Every BLX generated on our platform complies with the most rigorous security standards, from the management of customer data to our internal procedures, protected by a private blockchain. Transaction validation: a robust, decentralized process The validation of transactions on Blotix is entrusted to an innovative consensus mechanism managed by a network of authorized and decentralized anonymous agencies. This system eliminates the risk of a central point of failure, making the blockchain virtually invulnerable. How the decentralized consensus mechanism works: Anonymous validators: The transaction is verified by a group of anonymous and independent nodes distributed across the network. Majority for consensus: The approval of the transaction occurs only after obtaining the consensus of the majority of validator nodes. Guaranteed immutability: Once approved, the transaction is recorded permanently and immutably on the blockchain, making it resistant to any modification or tampering. Transparency and control: a perfect combination Blotix's permissioned blockchain system not only guarantees maximum security, but also offers a high level of transparency. Transactions are not controlled by a central authority, but are visible to all authorized participants in the network. Furthermore, the governance of the blockchain is entrusted to a specific group of independent operators, selected for their experience and expertise. This system guarantees balanced and transparent control over the platform, protecting the interests of all stakeholders. The concrete advantages of Blotix security: Total protection: Your BLXs are safe thanks to a series of cutting-edge security measures. Complete traceability: Every transaction is recorded on the blockchain and can be traced at any time. Absolute transparency: The system is completely transparent and all authorized participants can view transactions. Decentralized control: The governance of the blockchain is entrusted to a group of independent operators, ensuring balanced and transparent control. Choose Blotix for maximum security and peace of mind: At Blotix, we believe that security and transparency are core values. For this reason, we have developed a platform that offers the highest standards of protection for your digital funds. With Blotix, you can enjoy a safe, reliable and transparent trading experience, without ever having to worry about the safety of your assets.
  • How is BLX ownership managed?
    BLX Property Management: A hybrid system that combines private and public blockchains for unmatched security and transparency The ownership of BLX is managed through an innovative hybrid system that combines the advantages of a private blockchain with those of a public one, ensuring an unprecedented level of security and transparency. An immutable registry for maximum security: Private Blockchain: Each BLX asset is “minted” on a private blockchain, creating an immutable, tamper-resistant ledger. The unique metadata associated with each asset guarantees its uniqueness and the impossibility of replication. Public NFTs for Traceability and Certification: Validation with smart contracts: The ownership of each BLX is further validated via smart contracts on the public blockchain Blotix and EVM. These smart contracts generate public NFTs that act as digital, immutable and traceable certificates of ownership. A multi-step minting process for maximum accuracy: Minting on the private blockchain: The property or value is initially converted into a BLX token on the private blockchain. Validation on public blockchain: The BLX token is validated through a consensus mechanism distributed across all nodes of the Blotix and EVM network. NFT Generation: Once validated, the BLX token is associated with a unique NFT on the public blockchain, providing irrefutable proof of ownership. A new paradigm for digital property management: Blotix's hybrid blockchain architecture represents a significant step forward in digital property management. It offers a solid and transparent solution that guarantees: Immutability of the ledger: The transaction ledger is immutable and resistant to tampering, protecting owners from fraud and counterfeiting. Complete traceability: Each BLX asset is traceable throughout its entire lifecycle, ensuring complete transparency and provenance. Irrefutable Certificate of Ownership: Public NFTs serve as irrefutable digital certificates of ownership, providing owners with unambiguous proof of their rights. In conclusion, BLX property management represents an innovative model that leverages the combined power of private and public blockchains to offer the highest level of security, transparency and certification. This system paves the way for a future where digital property is more secure, reliable and accessible than ever.
  • What role does the Blotix Commission have?
    Strong link between real value and controlled issuance Unlike many other tokens, BLXs do not rely solely on algorithms or smart contracts for their issuance. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they are supported by a corresponding real value , guaranteeing greater stability and reliability. For this reason, the issuing of BLX certificates is not automated, but is rigorously verified by a team of experts : the Blotix Commission . An accurate and transparent issuance process: The Blotix Commission plays a critical role in ensuring the legitimacy of each new BLX asset issued. Their work is divided into different phases: Rigorous evaluation: Each request to issue a BLX certificate associated with an asset is subjected to careful evaluation by the Commission. Several factors are examined, including the nature of the underlying real value, its documentation and its compliance with established criteria. Thorough verification: The Commission carries out a thorough verification of the documentation and information provided. Cross-checks are carried out and appropriate checks are implemented to guarantee the authenticity and validity of the real value. Approval or denial: Based on the assessments and checks carried out, the Commission decides whether or not to approve the request for the issuance of a new BLX certificate. Their decision is based on objective and transparent criteria, in order to protect the integrity of the Blotix ecosystem. An approach that guarantees security and trust: The controlled issuance of BLX certificates by the Commission offers several advantages: Greater security: The rigorous verification process helps reduce the risk of fraud and manipulation, ensuring investor safety and the stability of the Blotix value. Enhanced transparency: The Commission operates in a transparent and public manner, making available the evaluation criteria and information relating to the issuance of new BLX certificates. This fosters investor confidence and ecosystem credibility. Flexibility and adaptability: The controlled approach allows the issuance of BLX to be adapted to the evolving market and user needs, ensuring efficient and dynamic management. In conclusion, the Commission's controlled issuance of BLX certificates represents a key element that distinguishes this token from many others. This approach ensures a solid link between the real value and the BLX issued, strengthening security, transparency and trust in the ecosystem.
  • Why aren't BLX certificates generated by Smart Contracts?
    A hybrid approach for superior security and reliability Unlike many other tokens that rely solely on smart contracts to generate digital certificates, BLX takes a hybrid approach that combines the benefits of blockchain with the security of a verifiable physical document. The strength of the immutable blockchain: Each BLX certificate is anchored to the blockchain, ensuring an immutable and tamper-resistant record of its ownership and provenance. This means that once registered on the blockchain, the BLX certificate cannot be modified or deleted, ensuring maximum data security and integrity. Physical verification for added peace of mind: In addition to blockchain security, BLX certificates also include a verifiable physical document that provides an additional layer of security and authenticity. This physical document can be used to further confirm certificate ownership and protect users from potential digital fraud. Why not use smart contracts for certificate generation? Smart contracts, although they offer functionality and automation, have some limitations that make them less suitable for generating BLX certificates: Lack of reversibility: In case of errors or problems with the smart contract, modifying or canceling the transaction may be difficult or impossible. Variable reliability: Blockchain networks and smart contracts are still in development and may be subject to downtime or outages, compromising the accessibility and security of certificates. Lack of customization: Smart contracts are rigid and may not adapt to all the nuances of complex asset transactions such as those represented by BLX certificates. A proprietary language for a customized solution: To overcome these limitations, BLX uses a proprietary language for "hybrid" contract scripting. These scripts combine the security of blockchain with the flexibility and customizability needed to effectively manage BLX certificate transactions. Conclusion: BLX's hybrid approach, which combines blockchain with verifiable physical documents and hybrid contract scripts, offers a more secure, reliable and flexible solution for generating and managing digital certificates.
  • Why is Blotix immune to attacks?
    Blotix has hired a group of computer programmers from different countries, specialized in hacking, who do not know each other and who have signed a confidentiality agreement. From the beginning the aim was to ensure that there was no risk of tampering, deletion or theft of sensitive data corresponding to ownership. The Blotix team is made up of professional figures expert in the security of information systems and computer networks. Hackers have well-defined strategies and tools with which they try to penetrate vulnerabilities in networks and servers; to fight them it is necessary to understand their world, think like them, or rather be one of them: an ethical hacker. BLX Ethical Hackers therefore master the same tools used by hackers and approach security from the attacker's point of view. Cyber security experts are therefore fundamental pieces in Blotix's corporate arsenal to ensure the protection of know-how and, more generally, of all sensitive data. As a first aspect, it was established that it was essential to protect the owner's identity so as not to allow any attacker to identify the potential victim. This was done by attributing a Hash code as a digital signature to replace personal data. Not knowing the identity of the victim and his location, it is not even possible to start a digital Phishing and Smishing activity for identity theft. As a second aspect, it was established that any modification must be certified and signed by a private community of participants who verify the correctness of the information. The verification team is assigned in random mode with a digital extraction. The third, fundamental aspect is linked to the immutability of the transaction with the need to fix it in a well-defined temporal space; in the event of an attack, this allows you to define where and when it occurred. For this purpose it was thought that the safest thing is to distribute the transaction certificate on self-managed EVM blockchains. The main feature of the certificate that determines its real authenticity is given by the signature of the participants in the private network. Each BLX carries a Blotix network participant's form of collateral that can be easily tracked. No attacker can sign a BLX transaction without being accredited by the network. The focal part of the certificate authentication process is this: the certifier can only validate the transaction and not generate it. Once the transaction has been verified, the guarantor transmits the certification to all groups. Once the submission is complete, a randomly chosen group will publish the transaction to the public blockchain. There are 3 groups: Group 1: Generate. Group 2: validation. Group 3: distributes. TEAM SKILLS: - Networks and Protocols - Malware, Vulnerabilities and Hardening of Systems - Ethical Hacking, Footprinting, Enumeration and Analysis of Vulnerabilities - Hacking of Systems and Attacks - Attacks on WEB Applications, Wireless Attacks - Cryptography and Deep WEB.

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If you have experience in software programming, website development, or computer systems administration, Blotix may be the right company for you. We offer a dynamic and stimulating work environment, where you will have the opportunity to work on innovative projects and collaborate with a team of experienced professionals.


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If you have experience in the financial sector and are looking for new challenges, Blotix could be the opportunity you've been waiting for. We offer digital solutions for financial institutions and individuals.

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If you are an entrepreneur, even if you do not have proven experience in the digital sector, our community offers the opportunity to open a franchise agency and offer our services to customers in your area. We provide training, support and marketing to help you grow your business by tokenizing assets through the Blotix platform.

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