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Famiglia allegra

Your port
sure now it gives you
a yield

An unprecedented thing is happening in the financial system thanks to Blotix's Real Estate program. Anyone who owns a property can receive a guaranteed passive income without any risk


Convert your property to BLX

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Get passive income

  • Fix the yield at 5 or 10 years 

  • Get a guaranteed return  

  • Use your property without constraints

Our experts are at your disposal to provide you with assistance 

Obtaining a passive income from a real estate property represents a truly unprecedented financial resource. Our digital securitization system, through the conversion of any property into BLX, allows the placement of the asset on the international financial market. The BLX Real Estate is  a digital certificate based on the hybrid blockchain technology of Blotix and recognized as a guaranteed value in high finance.
In practice, your property, which has always belonged only to the real world, can now acquire a certified digital form and live on the public blockchain. This digital conversion represents the set of data stored on our blockchain that certify the uniqueness of real estate assets, and this does not imply any mortgage or any change of use on your property. Minting your property in BLX has a fixed cost equal to 0.30% of its cadastral value and guarantees you a fixed annual return of 6% every three months.


Real and fixed income
at  6% annually

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A value for all 

Famiglia felice
"Finally we can think about our child's future with confidence. Buying a house has been a great sacrifice but now we have the certainty of being able to pay the mortgage."

Robert and Marilena


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