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A Blotix security lives on the blockchain from the moment it is minted. Thanks to its digital nature, it can be traded for free by anyone without having to depend on banks or financial intermediaries. Unlike a traditional NFT, BLX securities do not require an encrypted wallet, as they are generated from a private blockchain and only subsequently published on an EVM-type blockchain. This feature allows you to make a transfer without depending on any exchange platform but only by entering a new Hash Key belonging to the transferee.

What does it imply?

Transferring a BLX stock implies losing ownership of it. The transfer can only take place via this portal. With the transfer of the security, the transferor renounces the annuity that it has generated and which can be collected by the transferee at the end of the yield programme. The transfer of a BLX allows you to obtain goods, services in exchange or it can be used as collateral in exchange for a loan. Each transfer is registered as a new NFT in the blockchain, while in the ownership records it will be indicated as a new transfer with the wording "exchange". 

How the transfer takes place:

The transferor can request the transfer through the page SELL.

Validation takes place through hash signatures of the participants in the private blockchain, which generate an algorithm that determines a new Hash Key that will be delivered to the transferee. To make a sale or assignment, the legitimate owner must fill in the form on the page SEND YOUR BLX indicating: BLX ADDRESS, HASH GENESIS, HASH KEY, HASH OWEN. In this way he proves that he is the rightful owner. In the section "INDICATE TO WHOM YOU WANT TO SELL" the owner writes the recipient's email address and telephone number including the country code. By clicking the "SIGN and ENTER" button you provide your digital signature, which is as legally binding as the physical signature, declaring not only that the information sent is real but your express willingness to transfer the digital property. Once the verification procedures have been carried out, the new owner receives a private email, with a two-factor authentication request,  with your private Hash Key and a 12-word Passphrase that will be needed for recovery in case of loss.  Important: the Passphrase must be written down on a piece of paper and kept in a safe place (it is suggested not to save the Passphrase on digital devices). The loss of the Hash Key implies the loss of the BLX digital property as it can no longer be transferred or exchanged. In case of loss of the Hash Key, you can regenerate it by entering the Passphrase in the dedicated section of the page HASH KEY.

Once the recipient is in possession of his personal Hash Key, he will have to access the page VALIDATE BLX and fill in the form indicating: BLX ADDRESS, HASH GENESIS, HASH OWEN and your HASH KEY. By clicking on the "VALIDATE" button, the transferor's request is effectively followed up by starting the transfer process. Once the verification procedures have been carried out and the validations from the blocks of the private blockchain have been obtained, the transaction will be confirmed and published both on our portal and on the EVM public blockchain.

The new NFT generated and now made public will have the original characteristics of the first BLX but a new HASH OWEN.

Surrender your BLX

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