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Thanks to Blotix, a new asset management system has been introduced to increase the liquidity of both individuals and companies, guaranteeing the ability to manage assets in digital form.

A BLX security represents a stable, fixed value that generates a tradable return in digital form.

What does it mean?

By purchasing a Blotix, a new guaranteed NFT token is created, which in the financial market is called BLX.

The investment value in euros takes digital form and can never be unchanged as it was generated through a blockchain.

Basically, BLXs work like other securities with guaranteed capital (BTP), therefore they provide for the repayment of the entire capital invested in euros with the yield given by the fixed coupon rate corresponding to the difference between the issue price of the Token and that relating to its real value at the time of repayment (zero coupon model of bonds). Unlike traditional BTPs, BLX digital securities are characterized by increasing coupons, calculated on the basis of pre-set rates which increase over the life of the security, according to the so-called step-up mechanism.

Converting euros to BLX offers 3 advantages:



You will be able to use the BLX as a financial reserve, as it is stable and pegged to the value of the euro with a 1A1 ratio.



You can decide to trade your BLX stock through a sale made directly on the Blotix portal in exchange for a value in property, goods or services.



You will be able to resell your stock on the Blotix portal at a date and value set at the time of your purchase, generating a guaranteed net profit, or you can decide to renew your guaranteed return programme.

The birth of a BLX has the ultimate aim of generating a passive return given by its placement on the financial market, and not only by its sale or digital exchange as is the case with cryptocurrencies.
The advantages of minting in BLX are: security, absence of intermediaries, transparency and above all guaranteed returns.

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