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We are racing towards the financial future...
Come with us!

Do you want to obtain a passive income from your capital with stable and safe investments? Find out how to generate extra income with BLX staking rewards.


We have been talking about renewable energy to protect the environment for years but this gives rise to a spontaneous question: who thinks of protecting those who live in this environment? Who protects their financial future?
The financial market has never given tangible guarantees because it is dominated by continuous speculation. Here, from a need, human evolution devises alternative solutions.

Blotix is the innovative response to the global crisis through a renewable finance system that allows the conjunction of the real with the virtual, with the aim of generating a resource from what had never been until recently.


BLX holders can get passive income with staking rewards.  Through a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network, promoted by a Blotix broker or entrusted to an institutional staking pool (banks, insurance companies, investment funds) anyone can immobilize part of their economic resources to generate financial energy without resorting to trading and without putting your capital at risk. Furthermore, each participant in the Proof-of-Stake program gives birth to a new block of the Blotix Blockchain and this makes the cryptographic infrastructure more robust. The term "staking" comes from the concept of "commit" something for a set period of time.

Storing BLX tokens  within the Blotix blockchain generates a shareable asset in the global financial market capable of generating sustainable financial energy for the benefit of all PoS program participants through staking rewards allocated to the pool, similar to interest payments on savings in the world of traditional finance. 

Staking and Blotix blockchain internal governance rewards vary in proportion to the program participant's chosen capital uptime.

At the time of writing, more than 260 networks operate based on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm and offer staking rewards of no more than 5% annually to participants. In all cases, however, these rewards are generated exclusively by the support that the participants give to the blockchain through the cryptocurrency transaction validation system. 
This mechanism makes rewards subject to fluctuations based on the number of participants, transaction volume and other factors, being paid only to the elected validator who validates a transaction. Blotix is the only blockchain that uses a Proof-of-Stake network for both crypto infrastructure management and asset capitalization. This ensures that BLX's yield is at the top of any PoS program, starting from an annual minimum of 8% to a maximum of 50% net guaranteed.

Why choose Blotix?

Converting a property or currency to Blotix has a double benefit:


It allows you to have a stable and decentralized store of value in digital form and therefore not subject to banks or institutions.


It allows you to have a guaranteed fixed return thanks to the positioning of the security in digital form.

In what ways do you get returns?

We are ready to develop your investments

Our team of financial analysts will help you understand the basics of BLX  and find out how they can be used to generate a guaranteed passive income. With a few simple steps, you will be able to start the operation of our digital bonds, avoiding unnecessary risks and generating a stable income for the realization of your financial goals.

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