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Scriptural money is a type of non-physical money that is used as a payment instrument. Unlike fiat money, such as banknotes, scriptural money exists only in the form of accounting records at authorized institutions, such as banks, electronic money institutions and payment institutions.

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Advantages of the currency


  • Convenient and safe: Scripture money is more convenient to use and carry than cash. It is also safer, as the risk of theft or loss is lower.

  • Efficient: The use of scriptural money promotes payment efficiency and reduces transaction costs.

  • Transparency: transactions with book money are easily traceable, which promotes transparency and combats tax evasion.

Centralized or decentralized?

Comparison between the centralized scriptural coin and the BLX autogenous decentralized scriptural coin by Blotix


Centralized Scriptural Currency (traditional)

  • Nature: Exists only as accounting records within recognized financial institutions (banks, payment institutions).

  • Control: Strictly controlled and regulated by central authorities, such as national central banks.

  • Creation: Mainly created through the provision of loans by banks (credit creation) and influenced by the monetary policies of central banks.

  • Examples: Bank deposits, checks, credit cards, wire transfers, electronic money issued by financial institutions.


Autogenous Decentralized Scriptural Currency

  • Nature: Exists as accounting records on a blockchain, a distributed and immutable ledger, without the need for traditional financial intermediaries.

  • Control: Not controlled by any central authority. Its issuance and management are governed by decentralized algorithms and consensus mechanisms.

  • Creation: Generated automatically and predictably through the tokenization of real assets via the Blotix blockchain. It does not depend on the decisions of a central authority.

  • Examples: BLX can be used for peer-to-peer payments, traded on cryptocurrency platforms, or held as a store of value.


Control: Centralized (banks, governments).
Creation: Credit creation, monetary policies.
Security: Depends on trust in institutions.
Transparency: Limited, subject to regulation.
Censorship Resistance: Low, can be frozen or seized.
Using Mobile Phones

Creation of an exchange environment characterized by equal opportunities

Ufficio creativo

Autogenous Decentralized Scriptural Currency

The birth of the Decentralized Autogenous Scriptural Currency BLX thanks to its nature is based on the principle of financial democratization which determines stability and value .



BLX is not a simple stablecoin, but an autogenous decentralized scriptural money reserve created with the aim of guaranteeing financial reserves and facilitating transactions around the world. This means that it is a form of digital currency issued on blockchain, however it is not subject to the management of any company, bank or government. It was designed by Blotix Fund LLC to represent real and stable value. The BLOTIX.COM platform only plays the role of protecting and certifying the issuance of new BLX through the tokenization of real assets in NFT format and making each transaction accessible and immune through its own blockchain and an ERC-20 public contract.


Stability of Value

The value of BLX is pegged to the euro (1 BLX = 1 euro) and is kept stable through:

1. Conversion guaranteed by Tokenized Treasury Reserve

Each BLX in circulation represents one euro that has been converted and tokenized from real assets in the blockchain. This guarantees that each BLX issued always corresponds to a real value, keeping its value fixed at 1 euro.

2. Decentralization

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies or stablecoins, the issuance of BLX is autogenous. It is not based on trust in a third party, be it a bank or company, and is not tied to cryptocurrency or fiat currency deposits. Blotix, through its blockchain, certifies that a certain amount of BLX coins can be minted as a fractional digital representation of a tokenized real asset. The first issue of BLX is guaranteed for the benefit of the miner, i.e. the person who configured the tokenized asset in the blockchain community's treasury. This mechanism determines a total decentralization, where the custody of the value corresponding to the coin is self-managed by the owner, who always has the right to "burn" (i.e. return) the BLX coins received to redeem the corresponding token from the treasury.

BLX as an Autogenous Financial Anchor:
a new monetary paradigm!

Self-generation and Decentralization:

✓ Self-Generating: The issuance of BLX does not depend on a third party, such as a central bank or financial institution, but is autogenous, meaning it is generated directly from the tokenization of real assets within the Blotix blockchain.

✓ Decentralization: Since there are no intermediaries or central authorities controlling the issuance or value of BLX, the system is completely decentralized. The Blotix blockchain serves as a public, immutable ledger of all transactions, ensuring transparency and security.

Custody, Distribution and “Burning”:

✓ Self-Managed Custody and Distribution: BLX holders have full control of their coins and can store them in a personal digital wallet. They will be able to use them as currency in exchange for products, goods or services, at a guaranteed value of 1 euro for 1 BLX, without depending on banks or other institutions for the custody or distribution of their funds.

✓ Burning: If a BLX holder wishes to redeem the underlying value of the coin, they can “burn” (or return) the BLX tokens to the blockchain community treasury. In exchange, you will receive full rights to the corresponding NFT token, which represents your ownership stake in the underlying real asset.

Tokenization of real assets and fractional representation:

✓ Tokenization: BLX is minted through the tokenization of real assets, such as real estate, artwork, or other non-degradable valuable assets. These assets are converted into digital tokens (NFTs) that represent an ownership stake in the underlying asset.

✓ Fractional Representation: A single tokenized asset is split into a quantity of BLX equal to its real value, allowing the owner of the asset who placed it in the blockchain treasury, greater liquidity and accessibility through scriptural distribution in the financial ecosystem.

Advantages of BLX scriptural coin

✓ Stability: The value of each BLX is pegged to the value of the underlying real assets, making it less volatile than traditional cryptocurrencies.

✓ Transparency: All transactions and issuance of BLX are recorded on the blockchain, ensuring maximum transparency.

✓ Security: The decentralization of the system and the self-managed custody of coins offer greater security than traditional financial systems.

✓ Accessibility: The fractional representation of real assets makes BLX accessible to a wider audience, democratizing investing in valuable assets.

The term Autogenous Financial Anchor describes the unique nature of BLX as a digital currency. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies that fluctuate based on market supply and demand, or stablecoins that are pegged to fiat currencies or other assets, BLX is based on an entirely different mechanism.

Your critical role as a member of the blockchain community

The blockchain community can play a key role in ensuring the spread of the BLX digital currency.

Their active commitment, experience and technical knowledge can be invaluable to the success of this modern financial innovation.

Advocacy and awareness raising

Community members can promote BLX and its potential scriptural currency function through online and offline channels. This could include publishing articles, participating in online forums and discussions, and spreading awareness about the benefits of BLX among friends, family and colleagues.

Technical development

Community developers and engineers can contribute to the development of the infrastructure and applications necessary to support BLX as a scriptural currency. This could include developing integrations with existing wallets, creating new payment tools and collaborating on security improvements.

Creazione di contenuti 

Community members can promote BLX and its potential scriptural currency function through online and offline channels. This could include publishing articles, participating in online forums and discussions, and spreading awareness about the benefits of BLX among friends, family and colleagues.

Involvement with institutions

The blockchain community can actively engage financial institutions and key stakeholders to promote the adoption of BLX as a scriptural currency. This could include attending conferences, introducing BLX to potential partners and working with regulators.

Research and innovation

Community researchers and innovators can explore new applications and use cases for BLX as a scriptural currency. This could include developing solutions for cross-border payments, integrating with digital identity systems or creating new decentralized financial platforms.

Governance and participation

The blockchain community can actively participate in governance processes related to BLX. This could include voting on proposed protocol changes, appointing community representatives, and contributing to the development of a roadmap for the future of BLX.

By joining forces and leveraging their unique expertise, the blockchain community can play an instrumental role in supporting BLX as the first autogenous decentralized scriptural coin.

Godersi la natura

We can create an environment that fosters the development of greater financial freedom

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