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Trasforma le tue
risorse in digitale

Blotix rivoluziona il panorama della finanza tradizionale.

Non è una criptovaluta ma l'evoluzione di un NFT,

 l'anello di congiunzione tra la finanza reale e quella virtuale.

Vogliamo democratizzare il sistema finanziario

Siamo l'unica blockchain ibrida

La blockchain è un database decentralizzato gestito da una rete di computer peer-to-peer. conia un qualunque valore reale in un token attraverso una blockchain privata autogestita. Coniare un BLX, il token nativo di Blotix, ha un costo pari allo 0,30% del valore nominale. L'NFT generato viene poi reso pubblico attraverso una blockchain di terze parti basata su EVM attraverso un portafoglio crittografato. Tale processo rende accessibile a chiunque la conversione di un valore reale in digitale, ne garantisce l'unicità, determina il suo valore stabile nel tempo e facilita scambi che generano rendimenti in assoluta autonomia.

Blotix converte proprietà in NFT

 è una nuova forma di proprietà nell'universo digitale   

"C'è chi crea mercato e chi, come Blotix, crea valore."

Un bene virtuale per un investimento reale!

Hai delle domande?

Scopri le informazioni necessarie per acquistare, vendere, scambiare, investire.

Puoi richiedere una proprietà Blotix in meno di cinque minuti. Ti basta effettuare la registrazione online e attendere le credenziali  per generare la tua proprietà in forma digitale.

Blotix è riconosciuto a livello mondiale come un vero asset digitale che può essere scambiato tra due parti senza l'azione di un intermediario. Attraverso la piattaforma potrai trasferire facilmente a chiunque la tua proprietà con la tua Hash Key. Una proprietà digitale Blotix,  rispetto ad una tradizionale proprietà materiale, mantiene costante il suo valore nel tempo e genera un rendimento passivo. La proprietà Blotix non è espropriabile, e può essere facilmente cedibile in forma anonima. Queste caratteristiche determinano il suo valore costante nel tempo, garantendo un investimento sicuro e a lungo termine.

BLOTIX real estate, bond, obbligazioni, guadagna, rendimento finanziario sicuro
  • Basic concepts governing Blotix security
    Blotix uses a decentralized digital identity model based on Blockchain technology. It is based on the return to the user of a digital certificate containing the same information as the owner and therefore unique. As it is easy to understand, the Blotix protocol is as innovative as it is revolutionary and for this reason it is at the center of an important development in the financial field, given the potential benefits and possibilities of use. With Blotix, transactions are transparent, immutable, secure, consensual, and most importantly, decentralized.
  • Why are transactions secure?
    At Blotix we have the highest standards of safety, traceability and transparency.The security of our client's funds is at the heart of our business. From the very beginning we have ensured that every BLX we generate complies with the highest standards, from customer data management to our internal security procedure through a private blockchain. The validation of the transaction is entrusted to a consensus mechanism managed by authorized and decentralized anonymous agencies. This mechanism guarantees the security and immutability of the transaction. Not being entrusted to a central ledger, it will not be possible to violate the central authority that manages it as it would be necessary to violate all the single copies of ledgers owned by each agency, and it would be necessary to do it simultaneously, an operation practically impossible since nobody is aware of how many and which are the participants. Transaction control is not centralized and hidden, but decentralized and subsequently made public. This permissioned blockchain system defines governance that is attributed to a specific group of independent operators. This system combines the values of transparency, immutability and security of the blockchain, guaranteeing certain subjects such as banks, companies and public administrations the possibility of even significant and substantial control over the methods of transactions.
  • How is my BLX property managed?
    The BLX property is managed through a private blockchain using unique metadata that no one else can replicate. Each BLX is minted “hand” and validated via public NFT-generating smart contracts that record its ownership and traceability. The minting process includes the following steps: Step 1: A property or value is minted in BLX through a private blockchain. Step 2: the generated BLX token, which represents the property and identifies its owner in a unique and non-duplicable form, is validated through a consensus mechanism on all nodes of the EVM (public blockchain) network. The "hybrid" feature of the Blotix blockchain not only makes its ledger immutable, but gives shape to a new technology that guarantees the certification of ownership through a separate and incontrovertible process.
  • How is my BLX ownership provable?
    Each minted BLX has a unique identifier, which is directly linked to a network domain. Simply access the relevant address online and prove your ownership. For example, if you buy a BLX you will only be able to claim ownership through the encrypted key of the composition of the parts. Your private key (Hash Key) is proof that you are the owner and this allows you to make a sale or collect a return.
  • How do you track a BLX?
    Blotix properties track each of your transactions on both the portal and the EVM public blockchain. Since it is a unique and non-duplicable property, we have associated a domain name with the extension RECORDS are recorded within your address. Example: will store records relating to the origin and ownership of the BLX 500 with the following reference data: Value: 500 Guarantee: euros/property/credits/gold-stones/works Address: Token ID: BLX***/€500 Time stamp: day/month/year/hour Hash Genesis: ... HashKey: ... Hash Owen: ... Public transition hash: .... Status: Confirmed Validate hash: ... Transfers: 0/1/2/3 Transferable: yes/no View: Transaction Details
  • Where can I see the history of a BLX?
    On the OPEN POSITIONS page you will see the history of all minted BLXs published. Here you will be able to check the remote activity of the BLX, including value, owner and address.
  • How are new issues verified?
    Blotix are tokens supported by a corresponding real value, and for this reason their issue is not managed through smart contracts but verified by a specialized team that checks the legitimacy of any new contract.
  • Why aren't BLXs generated by Smart Contracts?
    NFTs are created through a minting process that requires smart contracts distributed on the blockchain. A smart contract is a tool that allows you to implement a sales agreement between the owner of the NFT and the buyer. The smart contract contains information about the NFT, such as the creator of the work and the ownership, who exercises the right whenever the NFT is sold, and the history of the transfer of ownership. BLXs are the safest alternative in trading as they blend a hybrid of paper and digital content where contracts are blockchain-verified and physical-copy proven and then published in NFT form through smart contracts. In other words, the use that Blotix makes of smart contracts serves to make the transaction immutable but not to generate it. Smart contracts are far from perfect. What if bugs got into the code? What if governments regulated such contracts to the point of limiting their use? What if governments decide to tax transactions generated by smart contracts? The list of challenges goes on and on. Experts are trying to reveal their critical issues to the point of dissuading potential users from using them. Here are some quick assessments to focus on the potential problems that smart contracts could generate: Smart contracts are not reversible, which means that if a problem arises with the contract, it will be difficult or impossible to fix it. Smart contracts may not always be reliable, as they are written automatically on a blockchain network. This means they can theoretically be subject to downtime and outages; while Ethereum has proven to be incredibly reliable, new smart contract networks like Solana have experienced some disruptions as the technology is still under development. Smart contracts are not always customizable, which means that they may not be suitable for all activities or transactions, as is the case with BLX which embeds blocks of previous NFTs in its transaction code. For this reason, the Blotix platform is based on a "proprietary" language, for the creation of the script of a form of "hybrid" contract that is not entirely smart (automatically executable). We are sure that smart contracts will continue to improve and, as technology evolves, they will be increasingly reliable and efficient, but at the moment we believe that the hybrid solution adopted by our system is the safest solution. Smart contracts within Blotix are exclusively used to facilitate interaction between users and their NFTs in order to monitor their publication. Blotix does not use smart contracts to generate BLX.
  • Which blockchain does Blotix support?
    Currently blotix supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom and Arbitrum. We are working to implement it on more blockchains
  • Why is Blotix immune to attacks?
    Blotix has hired a group of computer programmers from different countries, who specialize in hacking, who don't know each other and who have signed a confidentiality agreement. From the outset, the aim was to ensure that there was no risk of tampering, deletion or theft of sensitive data corresponding to the property. The Blotix team is made up of professionals who are experts in the security of information systems and computer networks. Hackers have well-defined strategies and tools with which they try to penetrate the vulnerabilities of networks and servers; to fight them you need to understand their world, think like them, or rather be one of them: an ethical hacker. BLX Ethical Hackers therefore master the same tools used by hackers and address security from the attacker's point of view. IT security experts are therefore essential pawns in Blotix's corporate arsenal to ensure the protection of know-how and, more generally, of all sensitive data. As a first aspect, it was established that it was essential to protect the identity of the owner in order not to allow any attacker to identify the potential victim. This was done by attributing a Hash code as a digital signature instead of personal data. Not knowing the identity of the victim and its location, it is not even possible to start a Phishing and digital Smishing business for identity theft. As a second aspect, it was established that any modification must be certified and signed by a private community of participants who verify the correctness of the information.The verification group is assigned in random mode with a digital extraction. The third, fundamental aspect is linked to the immutability of the transaction with the need to fix it in a well-defined time space; this allows in the event of an attack to define where and when it occurred.For this purpose, it was thought that the safest thing is to distribute the transaction certificate on self-managed EVM blockchains. The main characteristic of the certificate which determines its real authenticity is given by the signature of the participants in the private network. Each BLX bears a form of guarantee from a member of the Blotix network which can be easily traced. No attacker can sign a BLX transaction not being accredited by the network. The focal part of the certificate authentication process is this: the certifier can only validate the transaction and not generate it. Once the transaction has been verified, the guarantor transmits the certification to all groups. Once the submission is complete, a randomly chosen group will post the transaction to the public blockchain. There are 3 groups:Group 1: Generate.Group 2: validation.Group 3: distributes. TEAM SKILLS: - Networks and Protocols- Malware, Vulnerabilities and System Hardening- Ethical Hacking, Footprinting, Enumeration and Analysis of Vulnerabilities- System Hacking and Attacks- Attacks on WEB Applications, Wireless Attacks- Encryption and Deep WEB.

Blotix appartiene alla categoria dei titoli ABS (Asset Backed Securities,
titoli garantiti da collatera

Ti aiutiamo a portare l'economia nel tuo Metaverso!

Aziende come Meta e Microsoft stanno definendo il metaverso come la prossima fase di Internet. La nostra tecnologia Blotix collega l'infrastruttura finanziaria tradizionale alle applicazioni Metaverse / WEB3. Questo dà vita a una forma di finanza rinnovabile che deciderà l'economia futura del pianeta.

Rivoluzione immobiliare senza precedenti!

Scopri come dar valore al tuo immobile di proprietà

convertendolo in Blotix


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credito fiscale?
Con Blotix è semplice e vantaggioso.

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Internet of values è una innovativa piattaforma per lo sviluppo di proprietà digitali. Consentiamo a chiunque di ottenere un rendimento passivo attraverso ricompense di staking, mediante  la collocazione sul mercato finanziario di un NFT garantito generato da una proprietà reale. Blotix si pone l'obiettivo di dare vita a una nuova forma di circolazione e condivisione del valore per garantire che la libertà finanziaria sia accessibile a tutti a livello globale.

Ogni Blotix (definito BLX nel mercato finanziario) ha un valore comprovato, certificato e stabile nel tempo, fissato al valore dell'euro. Esiste un mondo dove la libertà finanziaria è accessibile a tutti. Quel mondo si chiama Blotix!


Company Number 15536792


Statement of capital on


EUR 20,000,000,000 all rights reserved.

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Siamo alla ricerca di persone talentuose, che siano d'ispirazione e che contribuiscano a rendere Blotix la porta d'accesso al futuro finanziario stabile e sicuro che tutti sogniamo.
Se vuoi entrare a far parte di Blotix, clicca sul link e vieni a lavorare con noi!

1 BLX = 1 EUR

Blotix è una proprietà digitale garantita da un corrispettivo valore reale

BLOTIX LTD è stata fondata con il solo obiettivo di utilizzare la tecnologia dei registri distribuiti per rivoluzionare le tecnologie finanziarie in modo che siano più efficienti, accessibili e trasparenti.

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